Spaceship Playground

I was staring at this polyethylene water tank a few years ago.  I had a eureka.  Why not build a spaceship?  Yes my reality has more in common with Wallace and Gromit than most would admit.

Now the boys have a new place to play.


The tank is round on top.  It’s actually flipped over, flat side up.  About 6′ round.


The top floor is mainly just resting on the tank (which is strong enough to hold 1500 gallons of sumtin.)  It’s two cut pieces of plywood with 2×4 braces underneath.  The two halves were assembled and still light enough to slide on top of the ship.


The fence up top is bent PVC pipe (with a heat gun.) nested inside of 2x4s bolted to a rail also cut from segments of plywood to match the floor.  BTW got the idea for the PVC at the annual maker faire in NY.  The wood is covered in gloss house paint, and the tank has a coating of white plasti dip for phase 2.  BTW plastidip does stick to Polyethylene at scale very well.


The playground has a center drain hole on each floor which goes to a bucket with rocks beneath the whole thing for drainage.  It was in this stage in the fall and survived the winter just fine.  More to come soon.

Keep modding.  🙂

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