The retail green light saber for lazy Linux gamer


All geeks know that being lazy gets stuff done.  Not too lazy to have goals and reach them, but lazy enough to make a real effort at not making an effort.  That’s where ZaReason comes in.

You’ve been there and done that.  Once you’ve built you’re tenth lightsaber or so, the novelty wears off and you ask yourself, is there someplace I can pick up an epic light sword retail, with a real warranty?  Preferably something that covers swamps.

You of course start with the parts for your epic gear, like a Nivdia 970, 16 gigs, or an i7-4690 Intel processor.  The big companies expect you to pay the Windows tax, and mark you up several hundred dollars for the privilege of swamp insurance, leaving you lightsword-less for as much as a month at a time.   Sure you use your laser tool to goof around with the local wildlife, but then you actually have to fight some bad guys while the lightsaber is in the shop, and then you are up a marshy creek.

I dialed in the highly configurable Zeto mentioned above and wow, that’s just great stuff.  Same specs (970, 16, 4690) along with a hybrid ssd drive and a cool green light and it’s only $1700 take home.  Maybe that’s $100 more than it would have cost to build the same system from scratch!  It’s a no brainer.

The system arrives and yippie it’s really well designed.  It’s smaller than I expected and the heat management system understands which direction HEAT GOES IN.  (Pssst it’s up.)  IMO power supply being on the bottom and fans on the top is more important than being water cooled (which it’s not).  Here is a pic of the computer after a month of use.  Note the dusty parts.  That’s where the air flows.


As for performance I can not really comment in detail.  It’s fast enough for anything.  Even with every feature cranked on Minecraft or Team Fortress, I can’t even get the fans to audibly spin up.  They are utterly silent.  My quietest computer so far by quite a bit.  I guess I’ll have to just keep downloading stuff from steam until I can give it a real test.

I did bug zareason once during the shipping process so don’t expect your unit faster than a week.  But so long as you know that, like you do now, it’s all good.  There you have it Ubuntu 14, out of the box, with strong performance, a good design and a warranty I don’t need to void.  I’d even recommend it for self installing Windows on.  Buy it retail and at least you have the DVD for when that OS inevitably breaks.  That is if you need blast shields on your lightsaber.  :P


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