Victory only rear bumper for the bike.

OMG!  Naked!


Don’t look, the bike’s naked!  No really I think it looks kinda cool like that. But Ma Vic has to spoil the party.  Waaaa we didn’t want to waste a crash test dummy on a naked bike.   You goofballs it looks so cool!


Here’s a Raspberry for you.  😛 What was my point?  Oh yeah the bumper.  Wait.  You already saw it.  Here it is in proper dress.




I wasn’t sure how this bolted up.  I’ll tell you it’s real strong and bolted up solid.


How do I know?   Because the USPS tested it out for me.  By using it as a boat anchor.  Deployed by a gorilla.  On a gravel road.  The entire route from Tennessee to New York.

broken paint-damage

Yeah that’s powder coat.  Uh huh.  The post office mailed me a ‘sorry’ check with lightning speed.  They knew.  They knew the gorilla got out… again. Anyway bumpers not bent but I’m stiiiillll waiting for my replacement shiny new bumper from Victory Only.  *sigh* soooo saaaaad. Hey if you look real hard you can spot my next modness bike post.  It rocks.  🙂

UPDATE:  Got the replacement bumper.  Uss Pus muffed it up again.  Talked to VO and decided to keep the original chipped bumper at a discount (the cost to re-powder coat).  Meh  You can’t see the damage, a bumper it there to protect the bike anyway.  *sigh*  That’s just the way it goes.  Have to keep moving.  The modness calls.  Soo many projects….

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