It takes a crazy person to make crazy things. Portable picnic table?!

Can you really trust anyone who is ‘normal’   People scream on roller coasters, I flee in terror when I see perfectly tailored suits (It gets weird when I put one on), hear some up to date pop music, and then hear some talking enthusiastically (but not too enthusiastically) about the local team.  They are trying way too hard!  Back away slowly.  That dude’s a spy, or a psychopath!



I was going to stop posting for a bit, but then, then I just have to post a portable, compact, folding picnic table made of wood!  Freaking brilliant!



And the vid…

Interested?  Ha!  Hope you have the nod of mod, cause you ‘can’t buy this in stores.’   The good part is, It will only cost you $10, for the plans!!   Hope you have a table saw.  Mooo ha ha.  I’ll pick em up and build one.  It might be 2020 before I get to it but it…will… be… mine…

Don’t forget to check out Izzy Swan’s channel.  The picnic table is only the tip of the iceberg.  The man is certifiable.  He could build a nuclear weapon out of reclaimed birch.


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