Bored with Minecraft? Mod it!

Not every computer program lends itself to modification.  Binary programs are intentionally obscure.  Open source is one cure for this, and if you like doing the weirdest thing you can think of with your computer, having the human written code makes your life so much better.

But Minecraft is a weird one.


Here is a proprietary program, who’s parent company Mojang has honored all kinds of requests for help, permission, and even the source code to make minecraft as changeable and strange as your imagination allows.  Even weirder is Microsoft, the king of the secret sauce (source) bought em. Huh?  Did hell just freeze over?


So I noticed there are millions of hours of video on which minecraft mods are the best, but nuttin on HOW to mod minecraft.  No I’m not exaggerating!  This is an insult to the modness!  Youtube reports One Million Eight Hundred and Fifty Thousand videos as of this post!

It’s not obvious how to do it I’m sure there’s tens of thousands tortured parents desperately trying to satisfy their little nerds thirst to be part of the modness.  So natch I made one.

Don’t be afraid to jump around in the vid.  That’s how you use it.  Includes directions for Windows too, if that’s how you roll.


Enjoy the mods.

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