Lander playground upgrades. Why? Because space.

Sometimes the best mod you can make is a little R&R.  Wait for the eye popping boredom and turn on the firehose.  Some up close revolutionary explosions.


Here was stage 1 of the spaceship playground.

It has been through a tough winter since those were taken.   Holding up well still sturdy and kid tested.  Time for some finishing touches.

engine front inside rear inside ladder nasa slide us

Engines are climbable.  2×4 pressure treated post mounted in concrete bolted to buckets via angle iron.  They survived the ‘very large man jump test’ without flex or tip.

Stickers were made years ago by Brian McElwee.  Thanks dude they look great!  Had no idea they would be so visible inside the ship too, bonus!  BTW they adhered with their own glue and 777 which in turn is attached to the seasoned white plasti-dip coating.  Remember HDPE is a real pain to stick anything too.

Floors look dirty cause they are white AND grippy.  Gripping the dirt too.  Pssst it’s outside, it won’t kill em.

More projects lurking…

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