Van in the wild

Here’s how the van looks in use.  This is 5 days in.  A few angles.  By no means everything.

Sleeping arrangements are majorly improved from the maiden voyage.  Thanks to Colorado camping van.  Rolled the dice with the winter weather last December and it worked out.  🙂

That’s a full/queen air mattress, but it ultimately sprung a leak.  Working on memory foam in an L formation for next year.  Either way, two people in comfort.


And another two.


And here’s were you stick your stuff.

top bunk shelf

Of course the top bunk comes out


And lots of room to play wii sports, cook food, etc


Cabinets have a toilet, hot water and a sink, a microwave and a coffee maker.  Fresh and grey water are in the sink cabinet for cold weather.  Used everything but the toilet this time.  Cabinets come out with a thumb screw for use with cargo, but stay in with the 8 captains.  More is planned.  Job #1 is a  3 in 1 van. (cargo, passenger, camping)

OK here’s the outside.

Here’s were the cooking happens.  We usually eat in the screen tent.


And the big view.




A moment of silence for the gear that did not pass the test.  He gave his life for family fun but now his stepping days are done.


300lbs my ass.

Lots of work and bucks to get to this point but still more to come.  Viva themodness!

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