Metal mayhem

OK need some tunes for the ride.  Bought a pair of rumble road ultras.  Black of course.  Trouble is they don’t aren’t wired and they look like boobs from the front when you mount em on the handle bars.  Hypermasculine isn’t necessary but boobs?  Nah.  Not into it.

Anyway, I’ve got this rockin flat black shield.  Lets stickem back there.

First some wires.


Then A custom box with 5v lighter port, switch, fuse, terminal block and noise canceler.


Ruthlessly drilling holes in stuff.


Here’s the grinder I used to cut out those channels above.


And speakers fitted with wires ready to be snapped into the control box.


And it was good for about 4 months of riding, but then it got sketchy.  I’m about 95% it wasn’t my wiring cause this is my second rumble roads and they lasted about 13 years.  Nasty noise coming from the speakers. One more than the other.

MHI threatened me with paperwork.  ‘Nobody ever bla bla bla.’  Hmmm not a feel good thing.   Really didn’t want to do without for months as promised.

Let the warranty lapse as it sucked and went for the modness.  Warranty void == win!

I tried swapping

  • speakers
  • noise canceler
  • 5v with 12v power source

Only one thing left.  The built in amp pictured below was busted.  The secret sauce went bad.  But in both speakers?  Gross.


By this point the generous 1 year warranty was up anyway.  What to do?   Oh yeah cruchfield time.   Advanced technology D type JL 280 watts.  Ruthlessly reused the boobs since I already cut up the bike.


Can’t see it yet huh?


What’s that noise.


That doo-dad is a volt/amp/temp + USB charger.  My box works fine BTW.


TADA.   Bungies make it possible to mount the shield+ gear and secure once bolted down.


Plenty of noise for the highway now, and I’m only using 2 channels… …. … so far.



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