Board of banging heads

So not being happy with a perfectly good van I had to cut a hole in the roof.   Actually I paid Colorado Camping Van to do that, and cut they did.

Well the bed panels they stuck in that hole were too short.


Need more room for my crap, and my head!

Hmm metal is strong, and aluminum is light, how about metal c-channels instead of wooden ribs.   One unreturnable error later, 1″ 1/8″ C-channel.  (3/4 center)


You can see my new toy in this pic too!  Bandsaw = joy!

Fade to construction noise…


Oh so skinny now.  Sturdy.   Of course tested with only the finest science.  300lb man and 2 kids jumping test.

Let’s wrap it up.


How’s it fit?


Hey and guess what?  The pine 5 ply and aluminum are about 10 lbs lighter a panel.  Much easier to set the bed up at night.

And here it is.  The money shot.


Ooooohhhhh so good.  Keeper!   Spontainious trips to the lumberyard, check!   No static electricty from tall guys rubbing their heads on the ribs, check!

Till the next insane idea.  Go with mod.



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