Made in the Shade


Ah camping.  Serine.  peaceful.  Laying around relaxing… trying to recover from setting up all this crap.

Time to trim the fat.   Where to start.   Love to get the van to be able to camp or picnic with no planning.   See that yellow box?  Problem.  That’s the galley and it lives in the garage.

Can’t eat without that.  Perhaps I can shove it in here.

Some cabinets I built.   I want the van to be all in one camper, cargo and passenger.  Some damn fool told me no so of course I have to do it now.  🙂

Anyway, see those brown circles?   Those are 50lb feet.   To hold that tarp up.  What if I didn’t need that tarp?

I stand by my tarp clips.   The safest way to attach an awning to your guttered vehicle.


As you can see you can dial exactly the right amount of pressure to hold up to rain (and even snow) but to slip off before they damage the van.

But it’s a PITA, the poles and tarps and bulky, bases heavy, time consuming to set up, and I want that space back for my galley.

Weeeeeee OK moding my mods… here we go…

Bought a 13′ Fiamma.  Why not, that’s how long the van is.  Got the Z clamps from 1der the current steward at the Sportsmobile forum.  Thanks!  🙂

The clamping force is not enough for the 13′ with the Zs bent out to accommodate the CCV short pop top opening and opening and closing.  The top clears the brackets, but at about 150lbs, pop off.


First things first.

You gotta move the arms to get (close to) behind em.  Hex bolts at the bottom do that.


Let make the Zs and the awning as one.


Then lets get those pop top brackets back on.

Chopped em up…

And stuck em on.  Don’t forget to caulk!


Now how do I make this awning mount job 20 year + Ice damn + parkway tough.

Nutcerts!  Thanks for the tip bleeping jeep.

Bonus!  Got the wife a pullstrap!  Short wife, tall truck!


Aces.  Won’t be thinking about motorcyclist death with flying awning murder anymore.  Rock solid.



OK now the real purpose.   The Galley.   All pocket hole screws, so I can salvage the front side, door, floor, and shelf.  Build a new back, door slat and top.   (woodworking noises.)

BTW had to rip the jack panel off, but otherwise passenger trim wall is intact.  Cabinet is held in with one bolt with a wing nut.  Just like a spare tire.

Success!  Now were really ready to camp or tailgate, on a whim!

Oh this fell out of the awning. Awning appendix?  I suppose I should be worried.  *shrug*

Guess I’ll just shovel the spare parts in the hood.  Worked for the Stooges!

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