Super duper bumper.

Cold and snow is much fun but the modding’s not done.  Been bumping my brain on where I could mount my lift…


…and happily realize just where it will fit.  First I must cut up the jack’s hollow pipe.   I clean up with duct tape to dull the new knife.


I give it a test, the handle’s still strong.  Close it up tight to see if I’ve cut it all wrong.


Then I jam it inside the bumper of spare.  No rattles or hassles cause it’s always right there.


Don’t worry about spinning and hitting the street, the hitch mount is boxed in strong welds to block creep.


Addendum:  The modded jack handle has been tested for a full jack up and is plenty sturdy, though gloves will be  needed for most.   Hilift jacks can be super useful but can be super dangerous.  You probably want to watch a short video first, especially since you just cut the warning label off.  BTW, do nothing you see on the modness.  Assume your own risk.


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