3 season camping, particularly summer

It’s all about having a van that does it all.  Passengers, cargo and camping.   On any terrain.   Sand, mud rocks, and parkways.  That really why I’ve been going this on my own.  It’s not so easy to build a van that does everything and is only 7’10”

Every single AC system for vans/RVs is either roof mounted, or had solid lines for refrigerant like split systems.  All but one.  I ordered a climateright CR 5000 ACH.


But first… just wanted to share some pics of my rotopax set up.  Nothing super modulicious except bumping the bumper out 1/4 inch and the boxes another 1/4.  Then they fit between the boxes and the doors.


You can see the spacers I built.  I added a third mount point to make sure to distribute the load.

I will say when I went to loosen the rear bumper to add the washers, I found the strangest nut behind the bumper.


Turns out I am the strange nut.  Doh!

So how the heck do I attach this thing?   I copy the mounting strategy for some teardrop trailers that ship with the climateright.  They seem to be mounting via the foot holes.  Seems sane to me.

But this is modeness!  I can not simply accept the rigid mounting of the AC!   I must absorb vibration!   First I drill, dress up and paint some iron bar.


I don’t want holes on top of the box because, water.  The sides it is


If you look closely you’ll see those bolts (80mm long in case you’re wondering) are not actually touching the top of the box.


And of course don’t forget the pipe insulation so there is a little bit of play/vibration dampening.

OK Great now what.   The climate right is completely self contained, it only moves air through 3.5″ tubes.  So how do I connect those tubes to the tent?

Lets take a trip to the Home despot!     Where I picked up this stuff.

Of course it seeeeeems easy to cut a circle but not really so much.  Allow me to share some pi day zen (3.14)

When you have multiple almost circles and you don’t care about their exact circumference, you clamp them together and grind, then spin, reclamp and grind until they even each other out!   BTW I spend alot of time thinking about the human conscience, it this is very much how  it works.


So next I fabricate some teeth (that’s what the picture hooks are for) and rivet them to my discs.  Test fit and there is a gap.  So I’ve got lotsa velcro about, I made an insulation ring to fill any gap.  You can see how I trimmed it for a rounded install below.


Here are how the layers are going to fit together in the tent wall.  The big piece (a cheap cutting board) was ultimately trimmed down more.  Don’t want the tent to fold right at the edge of the vent and rip.


I trimmed down the vent flat, and here is how it will look inside.

Popped up the tent and punched a hole in it.  NOW I’m committed.


Again I used rivets to attache the vents to the tent, It’s all about no chance to snag and the skinniest possible profile.  That vent’s on a diet!


Guess what, it really blows….


I mean it sucks…


I mean it cools and heats the van, very well.

The power of the mod is strong with this one.  🙂   See you round.  Get it?  Pi Day?  Round.  Ha ha ha ha ha. LOL.

UPDATE: 4/10: First day it’s warm enough inside the properly test out the AC and it does not work.  Heat mode is fine.  Have a warranty request in, lets see how they respond.  After writing this glowing review it’s my responsibility to keep you posted.  😦

UPDATE: 5/31:  After going though some testing procedures with Climateright is turns out the unit I has was faulty.  Sent me a new one free of charge.  Cheers!  Works just fine on a 90 degree day.    I did add some insulation to the hoses.  Pics of that soon enough.

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