Flat on my back

Oh my rear tire has a screw, lets add some goop.


Nope.   Air got low.  Stem pushed in.  Tube’s headed for the dust bin.  *sigh*

Threaded stem,  much less easy to loose the valve.  Need a rear tube for cross bike victory with spokes?  A problem this should solve.


Marking the order of spacers and stuff.  Guessing could be rough.


May as well go all the way, since dismounting the thing takes all day.



Tried the zip ties, not gunna fly.    Of course it’s the toughest mount, the very most stout.    Turns out Goldwing and Hardball share the same tire.   It’s resistance to compression couldn’t be higher.   The toughest zipties money can buy and sure enough they all snap and die. *sigh*


A single loose screw spirals to disaster, I thought changing my tire would be faster.  Now I need to beef up my shop, I need leverage and steel on the cheap, off to harbor freight tools, the mechanics last stop.

And wouldn’t you know it they don’t have the part, well nay for the bottom and yay for the top.


I buy the half that’s made for bikes, but have nowhere to mount it that I really like.

But this is the modness, instructions be damned, where else to put it? but a BJ’s umbrella stand!


A mount and balance and the bikes on the road, when faced with a challenge, free imagination won’t fold!  🙂

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