Spare time

Some folks asked how I did this

First I added a second hitch.  Front hitch for Econoline.  Needed 2″ square tube to space it out.

Got mt 12,000lb from Harbor Freight.  That’s their hitch plate too.  Had to relocate the control box to the rear.

Ran wires from the main battery through hole I enlarged next to the radiator.  That’s heater core tube around the cables, inside the van as well.


I’ve got the stock HF circut breaker in place but rather keep the winch disconnected when not in use.

The plate holder goes over the wire feeds.  Made a security wire for it because, ‘hey it’s still New York ya know.’  Put some wire shrink over the teeth.  It doesn’t scratch the finish on the bumper if I run without the hardware and just the plate.

Took some fiddling to get the right hardware but eventually settled on cutting up a spare holder (curt 31006)for jeeps and an adjust a hitch.  Drilled my own hitch holes.

Spent some time trying to get it as low as it would go.  Didn’t want to make smokey grumpy.  Settled on this.  Used some bolt hand tighten knobs I had around for the quick change.

Damn that wheel is heavy.

I use the an anti rattle to stop the wheel from bouncing in the hitch on the highway, and a masterlock 8′ cinching lock to lock it all together with the spare cover.

There you go.  Enjoy all free space where the spare lived.  BTW mine won’t be empty for long.  😉  You know the modness never ends.


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