Put out to pasture

Always use jack stands


Particularly if lifting a BAV (Big Ass Van)


They might just save your bacon.


Poor farm jack never had a chance.   The new slope they paved into the road tried to pour my van down the drain.


So how much money can I waste solving this problem???  $700 or so ain’t *that* bad compared to dead.


Oh yeah 5 ton jack.   With just enough lift to shake your booty in the air like you just don’t care.


The ATD7390 unit has a 27″ lift!  They mean it!  Even better, the frame is shared with the 10 ton unit.  Yes as in loaded full size truck trailer.

Never felt like the van was even slightly unstable.  Money well spent for those who maintain their own moderately lifted trucks.

Back to your regularly scheduled modness.



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