Camping van? Prepared to explore… and party!

Ah the age old question.  What are you going to do with that van.  Of course the way it’s built the answer is, ‘Anything we want.’

Planning on much more ‘anything’ as I’ve been plugging away, building it up.  More on that later.

One of ways we like to use it is ‘just drive’ without a plan.  You know ‘where to captain?’, ‘That way.’


You can do that when you can stay the night wherever you happen to be.  Perhaps a little cramped, sure, but never doomed.

We picked a small motel en route and sure enough.  The sun went down and ‘no vacancy’ signs appeared like a moon in the night sky.


Gas was low, but we got the rotopax now so screw it, Lets go ‘that way.’


And there before us was a shining themed beacon.  The Indian head resort.


Named as such…

For a night we traded our tiny van for a tiny house.


Much like the Tiny trees on Mt Cannon.IMG_20170824_152357789.jpg

Never would have happened that way without the van…  and Giselle of course.    🙂  Go with the flow…




The Mt Cannon views were great and so was their food *whaaaattt*  Best Ruben in a while!   I live in NYC!   Wow.

Bye bye.


So much more modness to come, over but not out…

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